• Computer modeling of groundwater quantity and quality.  Our team has extensive experience utilizing MODFLOW, PHREEQC, MODPATH, and MT3D
  • Groundwater management and water supply plans
  • Groundwater basin and groundwater-flow systems analysis
  • Evaluation of water- and land-management effects on water quality and quantity
  • Land subsidence measurement and mitigation
  • Wetlands hydrologic, ecologic and greenhouse gas evaluation
  • Ecosystem evaluation and modeling
  • Quantification of greenhouse gas emissions reductions and carbon sequestration
  • Assessment and modeling of groundwater and soil contamination
  • Groundwater remediation systems evaluation
  • Statistical analysis of hydrologic and water quality data interpretations
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) design and utilization
  • Hydrologic data collection and monitoring program establishment
  • Technical support and expert witness for litigation and dispute resolution

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Our mission is to provide high-quality, appropriate, straight forward, and valuable technical information and analyses for lowest possible cost.

HydroFocus, Inc. conducts hydrologic, ecosystem and water-quality investigations and provides consulting services. HydroFocus employs cost effective investigations, data collection, research, and objective analyses to help create long-lasting solutions for our clients and stakeholders.

Mission and Services


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