HydroFocus, Inc. evaluates the quantity and quality of land and water resources for managers, planners, and public groups.


HydroFocus, Inc. conducts hydrologic and water-quality investigations and provides consulting services. HydroFocus employs cost effective investigation, data collection, research, and objective analyses to help clients solve problems affecting land and water resources. Collectively, our principals have over 50 years experience solving problems associated with mining, agricultural, urban, and industrial activities; water-rights disputes; groundwater pumping; waste disposal; and groundwater contamination and remediation. We have published over 40 peer-reviewed journal articles and reports, and are recognized hydrologic experts in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Joaquin Valley, and Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

HydroFocus, Inc.:

  • Develops groundwater management and water supply plans.
  • Characterizes groundwater basins and analyze groundwater-flow systems.
  • Quantifies water- and land-management effects on water quantity and quality.
  • Measures land subsidence and develop ways to stop and mitigate its effects.
  • Evaluates wetland hydrology.
  • Diagnoses groundwater and soil contamination.
  • Evaluates groundwater remediation systems.
  • Constructs computer models to assess water quantity and quality.
  • Interprets statistical analyses of hydrologic and water quality data.
  • Designs and utilizes Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
  • Collects hydrologic data and establishes monitoring programs.
  • Provides technical support for litigation and dispute resolution.